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Personalised Medicine in the Treatment of Cancer PhD Scholarship

A full-time postgraduate scholarship is available for a suitably qualified candidate with a first class honours degree (or H1 equivalent result e.g., MPhil) in an interdisciplinary more...

Supervisor(s): Boddy, Alan (Professor)

Taking proteomics to the clinic – biomarker and pathway analysis of patient samples

Only approximately 50% of patients will be successfully diagnosed by genetic analysis and even when a gene is identified, there may be no immediate drug target. Proteomics analysis more...

Supervisor(s): Graham, Mark (Dr)

Regulation of stem cell behaviour using functional biomolecules

Investigate and develop new ways of manipulating different aspects of stem cell behaviour.  This knowledge paves the way towards understanding their fundamental biology and cre more...

Supervisor(s): Yeo, Giselle (Dr)