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An investigation into symbiosis between virulent Rhodococcus equi and protozoa

Can virulent Rhodococcus equi replicate within protozoa found in the soil and gastrointestinal environment of the foal? more...

Supervisor(s): Muscatello, Gary (Dr)

Exploring the Virosphere

The total universe of viruses - the virosphere - is vast but very poorly characterised, with more than 99.99% of viruses still to be discovered.  The goal of this project will more...

Supervisor(s): Holmes, Edward (Professor)

Feeding sulfate to plants: Plant-microbe communication in the rhizosphere

The roots of all crop plants are surrounded by a myriad of other organisms, including bacteria, fungi, protozoa and invertebrates. This community plays a crucial role in maintaining more...

Supervisor(s): Kertesz, Michael (Associate Professor)