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Assessing the range expansion of hard corals into temperate waters

The subtropical endemic coral Pocillopora alicia has recently been observed off the coast of Sydney. This project will seek to document the extent of coverage of this species and to more...

Supervisor(s): Figueira, William (Associate Professor), Sommer, Brigitte (Dr)

Understanding drivers of tropical fish range expansions

Warming oceans from climate change is driving an increase in the occurrence of tropical fishes in temperate latitudes. While we are beginning to understand the factors that may limi more...

Supervisor(s): Figueira, William (Associate Professor)

Regulation of stem cell behaviour using functional biomolecules

Investigate and develop new ways of manipulating different aspects of stem cell behaviour.  This knowledge paves the way towards understanding their fundamental biology and cre more...

Supervisor(s): Yeo, Giselle (Dr)