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Machine learning in cell identity, fate decision, and lineage prediction

Multi-omics and single-cell omics approaches are transforming our understanding of stem cell-based regeneration of tissues and organs on the individual cell level. By generating and more...

Supervisor(s): Yang, Pengyi (Dr)

Reconstruct trans-regulatory networks using multi-omics profiling and data integration

A major initiative in our group is to integrate trans-omics datasets generated by a state‐of‐the‐art mass spectrometer (MS) and next-generation sequencer (NGS) from various ce more...

Supervisor(s): Yang, Pengyi (Dr)

Computational characterisation of trans-regulatory cell systems

This project aims provide enabling computational and statistical methods for characterising trans-regulatory networks in cell systems. The goal is to discover regulatory networks th more...

Supervisor(s): Yang, Pengyi (Dr)