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Development of a soil contamination spatial inference system

The successful scholarship candidate will work on a project to design a spatial inference system for optimized detection and delineation of soil contaminants. more...

Supervisor(s): Malone, Brendan (Dr)

Content-based Retrieval and Management of Multi-dimensional Biomedical Imaging Data

Efficient content-based image retrieval and management for fully exploiting massive and complex multi-dimensional biomedical imaging data. more...

Supervisor(s): Cai, Tom Weidong (Associate Professor), Feng, David (Professor)

Ecohydrological modelling of flood and groundwater dependent ecosystems

Protecting the iconic red gum and other floodplain forests in the Murray Darling Basin requires a good understanding of the long term water needs and how this interacts with climate more...

Supervisor(s): Vervoort, Willem (Associate Professor)