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Statistical models of ear shape and ear acoustics

The future of personal audio devices relies on statistical shape analysis of ears and ear acoustics. We have the world’s largest database of head-ear meshes together with ear more...

Supervisor(s): Jin, Craig (Associate Professor), Leong, Philip (Professor), McEwan, Alistair (Professor)

Modeling brain dynamics with spatial gradients

A core aim of neuroscience is to understand how the brain, with its staggering complexity of 100 billion neurons, makes sense of the world around it. Large-scale global initiatives more...

Supervisor(s): Fulcher, Ben (Dr)

Guided Self-Organisation and Swarm Engineering

Funding is available for applicants interested in carrying out fundamental and applied research in the field of complex systems. The research will involve theoretical work as well a more...

Supervisor(s): Prokopenko , Mikhail (Professor)