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Asteroseismology: probing inside stars using stellar oscillations

Measuring oscillations in stars like the Sun using asteroseismology is a powerful new method for exploring their internal structures and testing physical theories. more...

Supervisor(s): Bedding, Tim (Professor)

Gravitational Microlensing Time Delay

This project will explore gravitational microlensing time delays, determining the impact of stellar masses on the signal from bursty sources, like gamma ray or fast radio bursts. more...

Supervisor(s): Lewis, Geraint F. (Professor)

The Cosmic Growth of Super-Massive Black Holes

In the heart of every massive galaxy is a super-massive black hole (a million to a billion times the mass of the Sun) that is built up in mass over cosmic time by gas accretion. Usi more...

Supervisor(s): Croom, Scott (Professor)