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An investigation into symbiosis between virulent Rhodococcus equi and protozoa

Can virulent Rhodococcus equi replicate within protozoa found in the soil and gastrointestinal environment of the foal? more...

Supervisor(s): Muscatello, Gary (Dr)

Ethylene-oxidising bacteria as novel tools for agriculture

The 'fast-growing' species of mycobacteria are common in many environments and known to be important for the biodegradation of pollutants, but the biology of this fascinating group more...

Supervisor(s): Coleman, Nicholas (Associate Professor)

Molecular Ecology, Evolution, and Phylogenetics

We supervise research in molecular ecology, molecular evolution, genomics, and phylogenetics more...

Supervisor(s): Ho, Simon (Professor), Lo, Nathan (Professor), De Bruyn, Mark (Dr)