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Social Policy Research Network

We bring together researchers and practitioners from within the University of Sydney and from non-profit and public sectors. We help coordinate research collaborations, host more...

Supervisor(s): Goodwin, Susan (Professor), Phillips, Ruth (Associate Professor), Rawsthorne, Margot (Associate Professor), Heward-Belle, Susan (Dr), Tseris, Emma (Dr), Spencer, Margaret (Dr)

The effectiveness of an Antimicrobial Stewardship intervention in the Vietnamese health system: a randomised controlled trial

The V-RESIST Trial is a three-year randomised controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of an antibiotic stewardship intervention in 40 clinics in Vietnam. This is an opportunit more...

Supervisor(s): Fox, Gregory (Associate Professor)

Development of dehydrated silage for export and domestic forage markets

The shortage of land for forage production for ruminants in many countries (e.g., Japan, Korea and China) makes the unit cost of most forages greater than that of grains. As a resul more...

Supervisor(s): Chaves, Alex (Dr)