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Characterizing Transport Networks

In an increasingly urbanized world, people remain connected by a complex nexus of roads, rails, paths, and sidewalks that form urban transportation systems and shape travel demand. more...

Supervisor(s): Levinson, David (Professor)

Simulating Transport for Realistic Engineering Education and Training

Understanding and predicting travel demand and travel patterns is one of the most important
but also most challenging tasks of transport
engineers, planners, and geographers. Tr more...

Supervisor(s): Levinson, David (Professor), Ramezani Ghalenoei, Mohsen (Dr)

Behavioural Route Choice

Route Choice models have long been based on the assumption that travelers choose the shortest travel time path between their origin and destination, despite increasing evidence that more...

Supervisor(s): Levinson, David (Professor)

A Benefit/Cost Analysis of Benefit/Cost Analysis

Transportat projects of significant size and scope often must be subjected to fairly rigorous project evaluation processes.  Benefit-cost analysis (BCA) is a project evaluation more...

Supervisor(s): Levinson, David (Professor)

Large-scale Machine-to-Machine Communications Networks

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications has emerged as a new communication paradigm that allows intelligent devices/machines to directly communicate with each other with little or n more...

Supervisor(s): Li, Yonghui (Professor), Vucetic, Branka (Professor)

The impact of the increased integration of electric vehicles on the power reserve requirements

This project analyses the impact of electric vehicles on power reserve requirements of future electric power systems that will need to cope with large penetration of renewable energ more...

Supervisor(s): Verbic, Gregor (Dr)

Customising the acidity of novel nano-catalysts for desired catalytic reactions

To investigate through first principles calculations, the fundamental physics and chemistry of novel solid acid nano-catalysts with the overall goal of understanding and predicting more...

Supervisor(s): Stampfl, Catherine (Professor)

Damage, fracture and fragmentation of concrete at high strain rates

The project aims to characterize and model concrete at high strain rates, and to study the damage, fracture and fragmentation of concrete subjected to high rate loads through an int more...

Supervisor(s): Shen, Luming (Associate Professor)

Passenger health, well-being and performance after long-haul flight: Influence of physical fitness

Most of the current recommendations to improve wellbeing and limit long-haul flight disturbances are based on pharmacological aids that target isolated aspects of the travel experi more...

Supervisor(s): Caillaud, Corinne (Associate Professor)