About Dr Daniel Brown

The inner ear is a complex yet elegant structure, requiring an engineering in vivo approach to investigate its function.

Daniel Brown is an inner ear physiologist, whose research involves both human and in vivo experimental measurements, and is currently focused on the hearing and balance disorder called Ménière’s disease.

Dr Brown was trained in auditory physiology at the prominent "Lab 10" at The University of Western Australia Department of Physiology. During his undergraduate and doctoral studies, he gained a unique and deep understanding of cochlear physiology, and applied this knowledge to both human auditory evoked response recordings and in vivo experimentation in guinea pigs. His studies focused on gaining a better understanding of the evoked response waveforms used clinically in electrocochleography, as well as monitoring neural and hair cell function during various experimental manipulations in vivo. With training in the custom design of biological amplifiers, research technology, and LabVIEW programs, he has sufficient and unique knowledge to perform unrestricted research. Daniel completed his PhD in 2007 with distinction, and was immediately awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship position with The University of Sydney to research the hearing and balance disorder called Ménière's Disease. He spent the next 2 years working with an expert in the field at Washington University in Saint Louis MO, USA. During this period, Daniel developed new hypotheses and novel measurement techniques to investigate Ménière's Disease and inner ear physiology in general. Returning to The University of Sydney in March 2009, he began developing the first ever laboratory fully devoted to research into Ménière's Disease, located within the Brain and Mind Research Institute. This laboratory will involve novel in vivo research techniques using guinea pigs, where the physiology of both the cochlea and the vestibular system will be investigated simultaneously for the first time. During the development of this new laboratory, Daniel has also undertaken several studies in collaboration with other researchers at The University of Sydney, involving the measurement of evoked auditory and vestibular evoked responses for the purposes of diagnosing the cause of Ménière's Disease in humans. These measurements will hopefully improve both the diagnosis and our knowledge of this complex and poorly understood disease.

Selected publications

For a comprehensive list of Dr Brown's publicatons, please visit his Sydney Medical School profile page.