About Dr Nathan Johnson

Dr. Johnson's research interest centres on understanding the role of fat metabolism in health and disease.

Dr. Johnson undertakes basic research on fat metabolism and its interaction with exercise, health and disease. His research centres on exercise physiology, but the scope of his work spans the areas of obesity, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and fatty liver. A theme of this work is the development and application of non-invasive magnetic resonance techniques for the assessment of human physiological function. Dr. Johnson's current research projects focus on the application of novel exercise and dietary strategies to reduce cardio-metabolic risk.

Selected publications

  • Johnson, N.A., Sachinwalla, T., Walton, D.W., Smith, K., Armstrong, A., Thompson, M.W. and George, J.  Aerobic exercise training reduces hepatic and visceral lipids in obese individuals without weight loss.  Hepatology, 50(3): 1105-1112, 2009.
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  • Johnson, N.A., Stannard, S.R., Rowlands, D.S., Chapman, P.G., Thompson, C.H., Sachinwalla, T. and Thompson, M.W. Short-term suppression of plasma free fatty acids fails to improve insulin sensitivity when intramyocellular lipid is elevated.  Diabetic Medicine, 23: 1061-1068, 2006. PMID: 16978369
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Book Chapter:
Johnson, N.A., St George, A. and George, J.G.  Impact of lifestyle changes in patients with chronic liver disease.  Hot Topics in Hepatitis, 5(14): 17-22, 2009.  ISSN 1973-9648.  FB Communications.