About Dr Yasuko Claremont

Dr Yasuko Claremont’s research interests include: modern Japanese poetry, fiction and drama; literary connections between Australia and Japan; translation studies; comparative literature; women’s studies; and Japanese aesthetics.

The chair of the department of Japanese Studies, Dr Yasuko Claremont, draws on methods associated with literary theories, comparative literature studies and social-history in her cross-disciplinary research on modern Japanese literature, comparative literature and Australian studies. Dr Claremont is currently working on a Japanese journal, Nyonin geijutsu (Women’s Arts, 1928-1932), and she is organizing a 2-day international workshop on this journal at the University of Sydney on 11-12 February 2010. This will be the third workshop in a row that Dr Claremont has organized, the others being the yakeato (the burnt-out-ruins) generation project in 2006-2007 (with Roman Rosenbaum) and the Shinseinen (Youth, 1920-1950) project in 2008. Dr Claremont is currently supervising a PhD thesis on Korean representations in Japanese literature and Research Masters projects on Japanese colonial literature. She has previously supervised postgraduate research projects on autonomy in Japanese literature, postwar Japanese literature and Japanese tanka poet, Nakajô Fumiko.

Selected publications

Recent Books
  • Roman Rosenbaum and Yasuko Claremont (eds). July, 2010. Legacies of the Asia-Pacific War: the yakeato generation London: Routledge. (forthcoming)
  • Yasuko Claremont. 2009. The Novels of Ôe Kenzaburô, London: Routledge.
  • Yasuko Claremont. 2006. Japanese Prose poetry, The University of Sydney East Asian Series No. 16, Sydney: Wild Peony.
Recent Book Chapters
  • Yasuko Claremont. 2010. ‘A Yakeato Poet: Irisawa Yasuo’, ‘The Legacy of Watanabe Kazuo (1901-1975)’ and ‘Children of War: Concluding Words about the Yakeato Generation’. Legacies of the Asia-Pacific War: the yakeato generation, London: Routledge. (forthcoming)
  • Yasuko Claremont. 2007. ‘Contemporary Directions in Japanese Poetry’, New Essays in Contemporary Aesthetics, Newcastle. UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Yasuko Claremont. 2006. ‘Japanese Prose Poetry: Postcards to Donald Evans by Hiraide Takashi’, Before Pangaea: New Essay in Transcultural Aesthetics, the Sydney Society of Literature and Aesthetics.
Recent Journal Articles
  • Yasuko Claremont. 2009. ‘Modernizing Japanese Women Through Literary Journals’, HECATE, St Lucia, Brisbane: The University of Queensland Press. 42-56.
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  • Yasuko Claremont. 2004. ‘A small house and five gentlemen’ by Betsuyaku Minoru, a play which I have translated into English. The Journal of the Sydney Society of Literature and Aesthetics, Vol.14, No.1.
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