About Professor Anna Reid

Exploring how learning and professional identity are experienced in creative and ‘non’ creative disciplines.

Anna researches the concept of ‘professional formation’ involving work with students, teachers and interesting concepts such as creativity, internationalisation, ethics and sustainability.

Anna is the Associate Dean Learning and Teaching at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. She has a rich background in higher education research.  Her research explores issues of practice and policy in Higher Education contexts including: Internationalisation, Creativity and Ethics, Cross-Cultural Sensitivity and Sustainable Development; and the practical areas of mathematics, statistics, music, design, accounting and law. In each of these cognate areas her focus is on the experience of learning/teaching through the lens of professional formation. Other research areas include research supervision, HDR candidacy and technology enhanced learning spaces.

Anna is a member of DOCTORALNET, an international group of researchers and HDR candidates who research higher, adult and work-based education.Anna's research explores the relationships between students' and teachers' understanding of learning and their understanding of professional work. Her research has spanned several disciplines and has focused on aspects of students' professional formation that will enhance their understanding of working within professional contexts and the manner in which curriculum can be designed to focus on those elements. Anna's current research projects focus on:

  • the professional formation of students and student engagement with their studies
  • peer learning in the music studio and in ensemble situations
  • curriculum implications of internationalisation
  • creativity, ethics, cross-cultural sensitivity and sustainability for professional formation and
  • leadership, mentoring and quality in HDR supervision.

Selected publications

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