About Professor Linda Connor

Professor Linda Connor’s main research focus, currently and over the past 10 years, is the ethnographic study of climate change, place and community, focussing on climate change activism and impacts of coal mining and coal seam gas extraction, as well as local understandings and actions in relation to weather, climate, environmental change and energy transitions. Previous to this, she has undertaken and supervised anthropological research in Indonesia, Australia, Southeasts Asia, India and Nepal, on topics relating to cultural concepts of health and illness, traditional healing, mortuary rites, and sociocultural changes associated with mass tourism, development, and globalisation.

Professor Connor is committed to being an active and innovative member of teams where her ethnographic skills and anthropological insights will contribute to interdisciplinary projects and demonstrate the value of anthropology in understanding major societal challenges such as climate change and energy transitions. She is currently an investigator on an Australian Research Council-funded project on The Coal Rush and Beyond: A Comparative Study of Coal Reliance and Climate Change (www.coalrush.net).

Research Interests
Anthropological study of environmental change and energy transitions; ethnographic research in regional and rural Australian communities; the contribution of anthropology and ethnographic method to interdisciplinary and cross-national research in climate change and renewable energy; anthropological research on development and environment in Bali, Indonesia, South and Southeast Asia, Germany

Selected publications

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