About Professor Allan McConnell

Research interests include: public policy and the politics of crises and disasters.

Allan McConnell is a political scientist whose main interests lie in various aspects of public policy making. He is particularly interested in how political factors (large P and small p) shape public policy, rather than us assuming that policy responses are purely ‘rational’. This interest has taken him into research that addresses issues such as responses to crises and disasters, policy success/failure, policy evaluation, wicked policy problems, placebo policies, hidden policy agendas and the politics of policy inaction. The common theme in all is that we can better understand what governments choose to do (and not), if we place policy making in the contexts of governments having to juggle with and trade off many different imperatives e.g. addressing the policy problem ‘on the ground’ vs. addressing public perceptions of the problem; forcefully tackling policy problem vs. token interventions with low risk of backfiring on policy agendas. Much of this research speaks to the issue of ‘good politics but bad policy’.

Selected publications

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