About Associate Professor Deborah Marsh

Deborah's research into the molecular events and pathways involved in the development of certain cancers aims to identify new markers with value in cancer diagnostics and improved therapeutics, as well as gain insights into the normal function of healthy cells.

Associate Professor Deborah Marsh heads the Functional Genomics Laboratory at the Kolling Institute of Medical Research and has published over 80 papers investigating the molecular nature of endocrine tumorigenesis.

History and Achievements: Deborah completed her PhD in 1996, then undertook 3 yrs postdoctoral study at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. She had a significant role in the discovery and characterisation of PTEN, ‘the most highly mutated tumour suppressor in the post p53 era’, with 2 papers on this work published in Nature Genetics that are pivotal in the field, together cited over 1100 times since 1997. Deborah has a strong interest in determining the molecular basis of tumour development (familial and sporadic). Student Supervision (1999-): 11 students (5 current, 4 graduated PhDs; 2 Honours, 1st Class). Grant Funding: Attracted from NHMRC, Cancer Institute NSW, NSW Cancer Council, Cure Cancer Australia, Ramaciotti, National Breast Cancer Foundation, University of Sydney and Northern Sydney Central Coast Area Health Service. Recent Awards: 2006 – Premier’s Award for Outstanding Cancer Research Fellow; 2005 - Young Tall Poppy Award, Munck Prize (Dartmouth Medical School, USA), Cancer Institute NSW Career Development & Support Fellowship; 2001 – NHMRC R Douglas Wright Research Fellowship. Recent Selected Invited Presentations: 2007, University of Sydney Cancer Research Network Scientific Meeting, Westmead Hospital; 2005, Australian and New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society Annual Scientific Meeting, Invited Plenary at the 22nd RNSH UTS USYD Scientific Research Meeting; 2004, Cancer Centre Seminar Series at the University of Florida, USA, The Australian Health and Medical Research Congress (2 seminars). Editorial Boards: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (from 2005); Endocrinology (from 2005); Cancer Letters (from 2003). Selected Reviewing: The Wellcome Trust UK, Italian Association for Cancer Research, South African Medical Research Council, NHMRC and the Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria, as well as ad hoc for numerous journals. Selected Current Committees: Cancer Institute NSW Cancer Research Advisory Committee (CRAC, 2005-present); Research Advisory Committee (Northern) at RNSH (2005-present). Membership Professional Societies: American Association for Cancer Research, American Society of Human Genetics, Australian Society of Medical Research. Career Break: Maternity leave for parts of 2006.

Selected publications

For a comprehensive list of Associate Professor Marsh's publicatons, please visit his Sydney Medical School profile page.