About Associate Professor Sharon Naismith

Associate Professor Naismith is the Director of the Clinical Research Unit and the Healthy Brain Ageing Program at the Brain & Mind Research Institute, University of Sydney. She is a Clinical Neuropsychologist, and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and College of Clinical Neuropsychologists. Her research interests are in correlates of cognitive change in neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases, including the modifiable risk factors such as sleep disturbances. She has published widely in the areas of sleep, cognition, neuroimaging and genetics across the areas of depression, Parkinson's Disease, psychosis and mild cognitive impairment. She has been asked to present this work at a number of national and international conferences. She is a Chief Investigator on grants totaling over $2million including an NHMRC funded grant specifically examining sleep and circadian changes in neurodegenerative diseases.

Selected publications

For a comprehensive list of Associate Professor Naismith's publicatons, please visit her Sydney Medical School profile page.