About Associate Professor Feike Dijkstra

A/Prof Feike Dijkstra is a biogeochemist with interest in plant-microbial interactions affecting carbon and nutrient cycling, particularly in relation to global climate change.

A/Prof Dijkstra's group is focused on carbon, nutrient (mostly nitrogen and phosphorus) and water dynamics in grasslands, forests and agro-ecosystems. They use field, greenhouse, and laboratory experiments, often in combination with stable isotope techniques and other state-of-the-art methods. HIs group also develop simple dynamic models and use ecosystem simulation models to better understand the importance of plant-microbial interactions for carbon and nutrient cycling in ecosystems affected by global change.

A/Prof Feike Dijkstra is based at the Centre or Carbon, Water and Food (CCWF) as part of the School of Life and Environmental Sciences. He is also a member of the Sydney Institute of Agriculture
For further information about A/Prof Feike Dijkstra, refer to his Academic Profile Online.