About Associate Professor Daniel Tan

Associate Professor Daniel Tan's research interests are focused on plant physiology and crop modeling.

A/Prof Daniel Tan has developed a broccoli development model for vegetable growers in southeast Queensland. His ongoing work on abiotic stress and nutrition in cotton and chickpea has been supported by the Cotton Research and Development Corporation, the Cotton Catchment Communities Cooperative Research Centre and the Grains Research and Development Corporation. A/Prof Tan is also investigating environmental effects on yield components of cotton, cocoa, chickpea and sorghum to improve crop yield potential. A/Prof Tan currently has collaborative research links at CSIRO Plant Industry (Narrabri), Applied Horticultural Research (Sydney), Cocoa and Coconut Institute (Papua New Guinea), Texas A&M University (USA) the United States Department of Agriculture (Lubbock, Texas, USA), ICRISAT, India and the University of Oxford.

A/Prof Daniel Tan is an Associate Professor in the School of Life and Environmental Sciences and is also a member of Sydney Institute of Agriculture, The University of Sydney Nano Institute and the Charles Perkins Centre (CPC).

For further information about A/Prof Daniel Tan, please refer to his Academic Profile Online