About Dr Eleanor Cowan

Eleanor Cowan’s research interests are in Roman history, especially the history of ideas and concepts in the Late Republic and Early Principate.

Dr Eleanor Cowan researches and publishes in the field of Roman history. Her particular interests include: Roman history, especially the Late Republic and Early Principate; the history of ideas and concepts; the writers of the Augustan and Tiberian periods; issues relating to democracy and the Roman Plebs and historiography (ancient and modern). Dr Cowan graduated from the University of Sydney with a BA LLB (2001) and completed her PhD (Res Publica: Augustus to Tiberius) under the supervision of Professor T.P. Wiseman at the University of Exeter in 2006. She was appointed lecturer in ancient history at the University of Leicester in 2005 and took up her appointment at the University of Sydney in July 2010. Dr Cowan is currently working on three major projects in addition to other articles and publications. These three major projects relate to (1) Velleius Paterculus; (2) succession in the early Principate and (3) a monograph from her PhD thesis.

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Selected publications

(ed.) Velleius Paterculus. Making History (Classical Press of Wales, forthcoming 2010)
(ed.) Shorter and extended notes on Church and Brodribb's Tacitus. Annals, Histories, Agricola and Germany. Everyman Press (2009).

Articles and Chapters
'Velleius and the princeps Romani nominis' in E. Cowan ed., Velleius Paterculus: Making History. Classical Press of Wales (forthcoming).
'Tacitus, Tiberius and Augustus'. Classical Antiquity 28.2 (2009) 179-209.
'Tiberius and Augustus in Tiberian Sources'. Historia 58.4 (2009) 468-85.
''Marius' in Nicolaus of Damascus. Some Implications from Chronology', Athenaeum 97.1 (2009) 159-69.
'Libertas in the Philippics', in T.R. Stevenson and M. Wilson (eds), Cicero's Philippics: history, rhetoric, ideology. Prudentia 37-38 (Auckland 2008), 140-52.