About Dr Auriol Purdie

'Auriols research encompasses the interactions between host and pathogen at the genomic and proteomic level with particular emphasis on mechanisms of pathogenesis. Auriol holds a BSc (Hons) in Molecular Genetics (Kings College London, UK), a MSc and LSHTMdip in the Immunology of Infectious Disease (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK) and a PhD in Medicine and Therapeutics looking at the immunomodulatory effects of the antibiotics Ciprofloxacin and Moxifloxacin on healthy humans (University of Aberdeen, UK). Prior to joining the Sydney School of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney, Auriol completed two Post-Doctoral Fellowships at The Roslin Institute (Edinburgh, UK) involving transcriptomic analysis to explore the pathogenesis of bovine spongiform encephalopathy and cloning and proteomic techniques for the development of transgenic chicken lines capable of supressing transmission of Avian Influenza. More recently at the University of Sydney her research has been applied to the pathogenesis of paratuberculosis, a chronic mycobacterial disease that affects sheep and cattle and has high economic costs to producers and the industry more broadly, with a diagnosis of this notifiable disease having a significant financial impact on individual farmers. This research has led to recent investigations exploring the role of cholesterol and extracellular vesicles (exosomes) in the mechanisms of mycobacterial pathogenesis and to the concept of immune fitness in the measuring production animal health and welfare.

Dr Auriol Purdie is a researcher at The Sydney School of Veterinary Science

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