About Associate Professor John Grumley

Associate Professor Grumley's research and supervision interests include social and political philosophy, German Idealism and critical theory including Foucault, theories of modernity, Agamben and the philosophy of "mere" life.

Selected publications

Books 2005 - Agnes Heller: A Moralist in the Vortex of History (Pluto Press, London), pp.324 2002 - Culture and Enlightenment: Essays for György Markus (Eds) Grumley J, Crittenden  P, Johnson P. (Ashgate, London) pp.3391989 - History and Totality: Radical Historicism from Hegel to Foucault (Routledge, London) pp.241
Articles: 2011 - 'Dialogue with the Dead: Sebald, Creatureliness, and the Philosophy of Mere Life" European Legacy, Viol 16, No 4, pp.505-518 2007 - ‘Agnes Heller and the Question of Humanism’ European Journal of Political Philosophy Vol 6, No 2 Sage, London. pp.125-1402006 - ‘Hannah Arendt and the Devaluation of Life?’  Literature and Aesthetics (No 16(2), University of Sydney, pp.80-95)2000 - ‘Negotiating the Double Bind: Heller’s Theory of Modernity’ European Journal of Social Theory 3(4): pp.429-447 1998 - ‘Revolting Liberties: Revolution and Freedom in Arendt and Foucault’ The European Legacy, Volume 3, No 1, Sage, London, pp.50/711995 - Historical Exhaustion or Philosophical Closure: Fukuyama's Hegelianism’ History of European Ideas Pergamon Press, Oxford Vol 21, No3, 1995 pp.379/392
1993 - ‘Dissatisfied Society: Heller’s Concept of Modernity’ New German Critique 58, Cornell University, Ithaca, pp.153-178
1992 - ‘Two Views of the Paradigm of Production’Praxis International 12:2, Blackwell, July pp.192-210