About Associate Professor Murali Agastya

Dr Murali Agastya's main research interests are in the theory of auctions, optimal selling procedures/mechanism design, learning in games and market microstructure. He is also doing some work in modelling of decision rules when individuals have to make choices with an incomplete knowledge of the rules underlying strategic situations. His main teaching interests are in game theory, finance and microeconomic theory. Before coming to Sydney University, Murali was a lecturer at University College London and a Research Fellow of The Center for Economic Learning and Social Evolution. He was also a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Rationality and Interactive Decision Theory at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has held visiting professorial positions at University of Tokyo, University of Western Ontario and Ben Gurion University, Israel. His major publications include: "Perturbed Adaptive Dynamics in Coalition Form Games", Journal of Economic Theory, December 1999; "Adaptive Play in Multi-player Bargaining Situations", Review of Economic Studies, July 1997; and "Multi-player Bargaining Situations: A Decision Theoretic Approach", Games and Economic Behavior, January 1996.

Research Expertise

  • Economic Theory
Research Interests
  • Finance and microeconomic theory
  • Game theory
  • Learning in games and market microstructure
  • Microeconomics
  • Optimal selling procedures/mechanism design
  • Theory of auctions

Selected publications

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