About Professor Robert Slonim

Professor Slonim came to Sydney in 2008 from the Weatherhead School of Management (CWRU) Cleveland Ohio, where he held the position of Associate Professor. He holds a PhD from Duke University and an MBA from the University of California Berkeley. Professor Slonim is best recognised as a pioneer in the area of experimental economics and has written extensively on learning, trust and the economics of education. Professor Slonim has been very innovative in his use of experimental methods that have both theoretical importance and have also represented important findings for matters of public policy. He is currently working with the Red Cross and blood donation centres around the world to better understand blood donation motivation and behaviour. Professor Slonim has organised several conferences in Behavioural and Experimental Economics and has presented around the world in excess of seventy-five times on topics such as game theory, designing incentives, trust, learning, the economics of education, blood donor motivation and reciprocity in labour markets. Professor Slonim is an Advisory Editor for Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, has been a panellist for the National Science Foundation and has been an ad hoc Reviewer for many well respected journals including the American Economic Review, Econometrica and the Journal of Political Economy. Professor Slonim has received many prestigious grants including two from the US National Science Foundation and a discovery grant from the Australian Research Council for his research on understanding and motivating blood donations. He has also recently been invited to be research fellow with IZA, the Institute for the Study of Labor Economics.

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