About Dr Michael Doolan

Michael Doolan works primarily in ceramics, and explores three dimensional imagery; he is interested in the early childhood narrative, shifts in tone, conventions, motifs and meanings. Doolan's tableaux, recalling the gothic tone of children's fairytales, aim to capture and reveal a key junction in an undisclosed narrative. The storyline may continue in any of several different and familiar directions; a turning point, but one that is ultimately left unresolved. A variety of technologies and materials have become an integral part of the making process, enabling him to expand the boundaries of his creative work. Doolan intends to prompt forgotten memories of childhood and question the way we perceive ourselves in the adult world, providing a new pathway for understanding the impact and influence of our childhoods on our adult behaviour.

Doolan exhibits widely, nationally and internationally, and his work has been documented and reviewed in a variety of media including the recent publication, 'Crackle: Contemporary art from the middle of nowhere'. He has written for national and international contemporary art journals – 'Sculpture News', 'Artworld', 'Art and Text', 'Art and Australia', 'Monument', 'Art Monthly', 'Art Collector' – and for newspapers such as 'The Age', 'The Sunday Age', 'The Sydney Morning Herald', 'Jakarta Post' and 'The Australian'. Doolan’s work features in many private collections, as well as in public collections both locally and abroad.

Selected publications

  • Singing Apple, Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award, Deakin Art Gallery, Australia, 2019
  • Stories with Endings Changed, Jan Manton Art, Spring Hill, Australia 2018
  • Imagined worlds, Glen Eira City Council Gallery, Glen Eira, Australia, 2017
  • World within World, Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne, 2015
  • Sculpture from the collection, Ipswich Art Gallery, Ipswich, 2015 
  • House and Home, Margaret Lawrence Gallery. Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), 2014
  • Deakin University Small Sculpture Award, Deakin University Art Gallery, Melbourne, 2014 
  • Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale, Museum Senirupa dan Keramik, North Art Space (NAS), Indonesia, 2012
  • Cautionary Tales, Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne, 2011
  • Your Move: Australian Artists Play Chess, Bendigo Art Gallery, Victoria, 2010
  • Korero: Taiwan International Ceramics Biennale, Yingge Museum, Taipei, 2010
  • Once Upon a Time, Federation Square, Melbourne, 2010
  • CLASH, Newcastle Regional Art Gallery, Newcastle, 2010
  • Trajectory of Memories, Museum and Art Gallery fo the Northern Territory, Darwin, 2008-2009
  • McClelland International Sculpture Survey, McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park, Langwarrin, 2008-2009
  • Forever for Now, Depot Gallery, Sydney, 2008
  • For Now and For Ever, Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne, 2007