About Dr Graham White

Graham White´s research interests have centered on the issues associated with the possibility of synthesising Sraffian-inspired pricing models with Keynesian models of output and growth, especially as a means of providing alternative non-orthodox theoretical foundations. Graham´s PhD thesis studied the relation between output and long-period prices in the context of a cyclically disturbed system. His major publications include: “Growth, autonomous demand and a joint product treatment of fixed capital’, Metroeconomica, 2006, (forthcoming); “Demand-led growth and the classical/Sraffian approach to value and distribution: Are they compatible?’ in Economic Growth and Distribution: On the Nature and Cause of the Wealth of Nations, edited by Neri Salvadori and published by Edward Elgar, 2006 (forthcoming); "Capital, Distribution and Macroeconomics: 'Core' Beliefs and Theoretical Foundations", Cambridge Journal of Economics, vol.28:4, 2004; “Rethinking Kalecki on the Trend and Cycle’, Review of Political Economy, Vol.11, No.3, July 1999; “Disequilibrium Pricing and the Sraffa-Keynes Synthesis’, Review of Political Economy Vol.10, No.4, 1998; “Classical Competition, Keynesian Adjustment And Composite Dynamics: A Critical Perspective’, Economie Appliquee, Vol.XLIX, No.4, 1996; “Capacity Utilization, Investment and Normal Prices: Some Issues in the Sraffa-Keynes Synthesis’. Metroeconomica, Vol.47, No.3, October 1996;and, 'Normal prices and the Theory of Output: Some Significant Implications of Recent Debate', Political Economy: Studies in the Surplus Approach, vol.5:2, 1989.

Research Expertise

  • Economic Policy and Economic Development
  • Macroeconomics and Growth

Research Interests

  • Disequilibrium analysis
  • Growth theory
  • Macroeconomics
  • Sraffian economics

Selected publications

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