About Associate Professor Christopher McErlean

Dr McErlean’s research lies in the area of ‘synthetic organic chemistry’. The transforming power of this discipline has revolutionized every aspect of contemporary life. In the fields of materials and adhesives, pharmaceuticals and agrichemicals, biology and plant science, it is our ability to build molecules that has allowed us to make progress. Today’s advances in synthetic organic chemistry will lead to tomorrow’s advances in other disciplines.

Research in the McErlean Group is directed towards increasing the ease and efficiency of contemporary synthetic organic chemistry. This theme is pursued in three areas: i. a research program focusing on the use of water in organic chemistry, with a particular interest in the phenomenon known as “on-water” catalysis; ii. a research program focusing on the development of methods to access recurring molecular architectures in a straightforward manner, with a particular focus on cyclic ethers; and iii. a research program to uncover new reactions, with a particular emphasis on halogenation reactions. Dr McErlean is currently a Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry. After completing a PhD at the University of Queensland in 2002 under the supervision of Prof. W. Kitching, he moved to the U.K. to work in the laboratory of Prof. J. Stephen Clark (Nottingham). In 2004 he was appointed as a post-doctoral fellow in the group of Prof. C. J. Moody at the University of Exeter, and subsequently returned to Nottingham with Prof. Moody in 2005. After a period as a Teaching Fellow in Organic Chemistry at the University of Nottingham, Dr McErlean was appointed to a Lectureship in Chemistry at the University of Sydney in late 2007. In 2011 his research was recognized with a Selby Research Award.

Assoc Prof Christopher McErlean is a researcher at the School of Chemistry and is also a member of the Sydney Institute of Agriculture
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