About Dr Elizabeth Clarke

Dr Clarke’s research spans a wide range of topics including injury, orthopedics and soft tissue biomechanics. Her major area of research focus is the prevention, repair and pathology of ligament and tendon injuries

Dr Clarke studied Biomedical Engineering and Science at the University of Sydney. She completed a PhD in injury biomechanics in 2008, and then was awarded an NHMRC Early Career Researcher Fellowship in 2010 on soft tissue biomechanics, and in 2016 she was awarded a Sydney Medical School Foundation Fellowship on orthopaedic biomechanics. Dr Clarke leads the Murray Maxwell Biomechanics Laboratory, Sydney Medical School Northern, based at the Kolling Institute at Royal North Shore Hospital St Leonards.
Current research projects include:
- Improving graft options for ligament replacement
- Weakness, pain and osteoarthritis following knee / ACL injury via different mechanisms
- Local and distant effects of tendon / ligament injury on biomechanics, structure, and composition
- Clinical collaborations to improve the outcomes of tendon repair surgery
- Industry collaborations to improve treatment options for tendon and ligament injury

Dr Clarke's research combines engineering and biomechanics and her group regularly collaborates with surgeons, physiotherapists, medical imaging specialists, medical scientists, tissue engineers and engineering industry. The facilities at the new Kolling Institute are world class, and our laboratory is well equipped for a wide range of biomechanics studies. Our laboratory regularly collaborates with clinicians and industry to ensure that our research is informed by clinical or industry need and translates to clinical practice or industry development.

Selected publications

For a comprehensive list of Dr Clarke's publications, please visit her Sydney Medical School academic profile.