About Dr Patrick Kelly

I am a biostatistician with extensive experience in developing and applying statistical methods to research in health and medicine. My particular focus is in the design and analysis of clinical trials and longitudinal studies. My main statistical expertise is in survival analysis, recurrent event data, pharmacogenetics, adaptive designs and correlated/cluster data.

Current grants
National registration of health practitioners: a comparative study of the complaints and notification system under the national system and in NSW
Chiarella M, Walton M, Bennett B, Carney T, Kelly P, Foster J
ARC Linkage Project ($1,100,264 over 4 years)

The Out-and-About Trial: Improving the quality of life by increasing outdoor journeys after stroke
McCluskey M, Ada L, Middleton S, Goodall S, Grimshaw J, Kelly P
NHMRC Project Grant ($566,600 over 3 years)

What triggers complex regional pain syndrome after minor injury?
Moseley GL, Wasner G, Mulford J, Kelly P.
NHMRC Project Grant ($935,640 over 4 years)

Prior to my current position, I was employed at The University of Reading, UK (2000 - 2007) where I worked within a group called the Medical and Pharmaceutical Statistics Research Unit (MPSRU). The MPSRU was a self-financing unit that developed and validated statistical methods for the design and analysis of clinical trials. The unit obtained funding by creating and presenting workshops on various advanced statistical topics, conducting consultancy and research work for pharmaceutical companies, and contributing to the academic teaching within the university.

Selected publications

For a comprehensive list of Dr Kelly's publications, please visit his Sydney Medical School academic profile.