About Associate Professor Craig Munns

Improving the bone health, physical abilities and quality of life of children with musculoskeletal disorders through innovative diagnostics and therapies.

Associate Professor Munns is an experienced clinician-researcher having established the Paediatric Musculoskeletal Research Unit based at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. Associate Professor Munns’ research covers many different aspects of the clinical paediatric musculoskeletal health. This includes natural history studies of healthy children and children with various primary and secondary musculoskeletal disorders. His research also involves novel and innovative physical and pharmacological therapies aimed to improve bone and muscle function as well as quality of life. Associate Professor Munns has close collaboration with other research groups within the Hospital including Orthopaedics, Neuromuscular and Genetics.

Associate Professor Munns MBBS, PhD, FRACP is a paediatric endocrinologist with extensive clinical and research expertise in the field of paediatric bone and mineral medicine. Following the completion of his Pediatric and Endocrinology training at The Royal Children's Hospital, Brisbane, Australia, Associate Professor Munns spent two years as a Clinical Associate in Genetic and Metabolic Bone Disorders at the Shriners Hospital for Children, Montreal, Canada. Since mid-2004, Associate Professor Munns has been Staff Specialist in Paediatric Bone and Mineral Medicine and Endocrinology at The Children's Hospital at Westmead, Australia's largest paediatric hospital.

Associate Professor Munns was awarded his PhD through the University of Queensland in 2004. His thesis dealt with the skeletal effect of the Short Stature Homeobox Gene and provided him with a solid grounding in the molecular basis of skeletal disorders. He was awarded the APEG Young Investigator award for the work undertaken in his thesis.

Associate Professor Munns has expert knowledge in the diagnosis and management of paediatric bone disorders and has quickly become a leading figure in his field. At The Children's Hospital at Westmead, Associate Professor Munns has established collaborative links with many groups throughout the hospital and is uniquely placed to investigate and manage children with musculoskeletal disorders. Associate Professor Munns has also established a strong relationship with basic bone scientists at the hospital. Associate Professor Munns is responsible for the medical care of children of all ages with primary and secondary osteopenia. He has established bisphosphonate and vitamin D treatment protocols that have been adopted nation-wide and within the Asia-Pacific region.

Associate Professor Munns has a commitment to research and teaching and is undertaking numerous research projects into various aspects of paediatric musculoskeletal health. Associate Professor Munns has undertaken longitudinal cohort studies and RCTs in children and adolescents in a number of different settings including two MHNRC Project Grants: 1008226 and 632532. He is Principle Investigator on the recently completed Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit (APSU) study on Vitamin D Deficiency. He is supervising five PhD students researching various aspect of paediatric bone health. Since obtaining his PhD, Associate Professor Munns has had nine first author publications, ten (two in press) senior author publications and has written five book chapters on paediatric bone disease. Over this time he has given plenary lectures at international and national meetings. He has talked at national educational meetings and presented Grand Rounds throughout the nation on paediatric bone health. He is also on the faculty of the APPES Fellows School.

Selected publications

For a comprehensive list of Associate Professor Munns' publications, please visit his Sydney Medical School academic profile.