About Associate Professor Christopher Gerald Grupen

Associate Professor Grupen’s main research interest is to increase our understanding of gamete (sperm and eggs) and embryo biology in order to improve the efficiencies of advanced reproductive technologies in production animals and enhance the effectiveness of fertility treatments in animals and humans. Associate Professor Grupen has 23 years of experience in the development of advanced reproductive technologies in a number of species, including pigs, sheep, cattle, horses, and marmoset monkeys. His core research expertise lies in the application of gamete and embryo manipulations, such as oocyte in vitro maturation, in vitro fertilisation, embryo culture, embryo vitrification and the production of transgenic animals.

Associate Professor Christopher Grupen is a researcher at the Sydney School of Veterinary Science
Christopher is also a member of the Sydney Institute of Agriculture

For further information about Assoc Prof Christopher Grupen, refer to his Academic Profile Online