About Associate Professor Jonathan Arthur

Associate Professor Jonathan Arthur is developing and applying computational methods to analyse large, heterogeneous, and complex genomic and proteomic datasets in order to help understand disease mechanisms with a view to enabling precision medicine in the area of cancer, embryology, neuroscience, and gene therapy.

Precision medicine and digitial health: Recent developments in massively parallel sequencing technology now allow a human genome to be sequenced in days at a cost of less than $2000. Analagous development in mass spectrometry technology similarly allows the digital profiling of the entire protein content of tissue samples. These technologies offer the potential of precision medicine - the development of therapeutics specifically targeted to an individual according to their genomic and proteomic profile. However, the development of these specific therapies is entirely dependent on bioinformatics to store, analyse, interpret, and visualize the vast amounts of genomic and proteomic data. I am interested in developing and applying bioinformatic algorithms, techniques, and databases in the area of precision medicine and digital health.

Associate Professor Jonathan Arthur completed his PhD in Computational Chemistry at the University of Sydney before undertaking a postdoctoral position in Computational Structural Biology at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, USA. His previous positions include Technical Learning and Development Manager, Informatics at the biotechnology company Proteome Systems Ltd and CEO and Director of Sydney Bioinformatics: a research centre of the University of Sydney. Jonathan is a former Chairperson of Bioinformatics Australia, the first professional society for bioinformatics in Australia. He is currently the Head of the Bioinformatics Unit at Children's Medical Research Unit.

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Selected publications

For a comprehensive list of Dr Arthur's publicatons, please visit his Sydney Medical School profile page.