About Dr Shahadat Uddin

I have conducted research in the area of network dynamics, health informatics, and data analysis and data modelling. My research addresses interdisciplinary issues relating to understand the impact of network structure and network dynamics on group performance and coordination outcomes in complex, dynamic and distributed environments, and also to model network itself.

For understanding the impact of network structure and network dynamics, I utilize complexity theory, organizational theory, network centrality and centralization theory, tie strength theory, coordination theory, and social network analysis. To model network and understand network dynamics, I apply different methods for longitudinal analysis (e.g., stochastic actor-based modelling approach, general linear and predictive models), and use features of other network and statistical methods (e.g., exponential random graph, simulation, time series analysis, scale-free network topology, and the concept of static and dynamic network topology).

I started my PhD in August 2008 in the Faculty of Engineering and IT of The University of Sydney, and submitted my thesis on 1 December 2010. My PhD thesis entitled “Towards a Network Dynamics based Coordination Performance Model for Patient Hospitalization” focuses on exploring coordination in healthcare context. I proposed a network dynamics based framework in my PhD thesis to model coordination performance, and validate that model by using electronic health insurance claim data. I had been funded by Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CMCRC) during my PhD candidature for working in a project with Hospital Contribution Fund (HCF). Also, I was awarded for the Certificate for Research Excellence 2010 by The University of Sydney in recognition of my outstanding research achievement during my PhD studies.

Selected publications

Refereed Journal Papers
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  • Hossain, L., and Uddin, S., Design Framework: Coordination in Complex and Dynamic Environment, Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal, 21(3), 5-15, 2012
Refereed Conference Proceeding Papers
  • Uddin, S., Murshed, T.H., and Hossain, L., Towards a Scale free Network Approach to study organizational communication network, Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS), 2010
  • Hamra, J., Uddin, S., and Hossain, L., Exponential Random Graph Modelling of Communication Networks to Understand Organizational Crisis, ACM-SIGMIS, 2011
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