About Dr Mairwen Jones

Mairwen is committed to conducting research that aims to improve the treatment options available for people with obsessive compulsive disorder.

Dr Mairwen Jones is an international leader in the treatment of the anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder.

Dr Jones completed a Bachelor of Arts achieving First Class Honours in Psychology in 1992 at the University of Sydney. She was awarded the Australian Psychological Society Prize for first in the year and The Dick Thompson Prize for 1st placed Student in Psychology Honours. In 1993 Mairwen was awarded an Australian Postgraduate Research Award for three years for her doctoral project which investigated The Nature, Origin and Treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and completed her Doctor of Philosophy in 1998. For a period of one year commencing June, 1996 she was the Acting Director of the Anxiety Disorders Clinic at the University of Sydney and was the Co-Director of the Australian Centre for Lesbian and Gay Research in 2001 and 2002.In 1997 she was Chief Investigator on a successful NHMRC $97,000 three year grant application and in 2007 was awarded an NHMRC grant of $155,000 over three years. She has had her research accepted for presentation at numerous prestigious international and local events. These include the London Conference of the British Psychological Society, The World Congress of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies, The 24th International Congress of Psychology, The 12th World AIDS, The European Congress of Psychology in Vienna in 2003. Recently she has co-authored a book Danger Ideation Reduction Therapy (DIRT) For Obsessive-Compulsive Washers: A Comprehensive Guide to Treatment which is due for release in 2007. Seven of her journal articles published to date have been published in the highest impact factor behaviour therapy journal in the world (i.e. Behaviour Research and Therapy).Finally, her research has been of local and international interest in the media and she has conducted more than 20 radio, television and/or newspaper interviews in recent years.

Selected publications

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