About Associate Professor Amanda Salis

Having personally struggled with binge eating and excess weight (and having now lost 28 kilos and kept it off for over 15 years), Associate Professor Amanda Salis is passionate about research that will help more people to lose excess weight and keep it off for life

With a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from the University of Western Australia and a PhD from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, Amanda leads a research team at The Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise & Eating Disorders that aims to help people to attain and maintain an optimum body weight and composition. Adept in translating novel research findings into human benefits, Amanda’s research into hypothalamic control of energy homeostasis spans studies with conditional transgenic mice to randomized controlled clinical trials in humans. She is currently Chief Investigator A or B on NHMRC-funded project grants totaling over $1.8 million.

Selected publications

For a comprehensive list of Associate Professor Salis's publications, please visit her Sydney Medical School academic profile.