About Dr Robbie Peters

Robbie Peters is a senior lecturer in anthropology at the University of Sydney and director of its Development Studies Program. His book, Surabaya, 1945-2010: kampung, economy and state in Indonesia’s city of struggle was shortlisted for the EuroSEAS humanities book prize. Robbie’s research focuses primarily on the metropolis and its low-income residents in Indonesia and Vietnam. He has written journal articles on urban renewal in Indonesia; the political economy of violence in the Indonesian city, gender, migration and work in Saigon, Jakarta and Surabaya; the 1945 Indonesian revolution and 1965 Communist purge; the slum and the informal economy in Indonesian cities and motorbikes and urban citizenship in Southeast Asia. His current research focuses on a number of issues including those of death, commemoration and the politics of place in the Indonesian city, scrap pickers and waster recyclers in Indonesia and semi-formal app-based motorbike transport in Jakarta and Surabaya . He is most interested in the post-colonial city in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, with a particular emphasis on revolutionary violence and post-revolutionary urban development.

Selected publications

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