About Dr Dorian Hanaor

I am passionate about creatively exploring promising new ideas in materials science and engineering through cross-disciplinary research. I believe we should never stop learning.

Dr. Hanaor’s research focuses on novel methods for fabricating, characterising and optimising materials and understanding their behaviour from fundamental considerations. With an emphasis on granular materials, his research has involved a wide range of collaborations with disciplines including biotechnology, food science, electronic materials, renewable energy, quantum physics and environmental engineering.

Dorian’s research into the fabrication of titanium dioxide photocatalysts led to the discovery of novel grain growth behaviour and a greater understanding of crystallographic phase transformations in doped TiO2 systems. Through Dr. Hanaor’s collaborative projects with eminent ceramicists in Italy, innovative particle surface modification methods were developed for the dispersion and electrophoretic deposition of thick oxide films with applications in water treatment, renewable energy generation and energy storage. These methods have formed the basis for Dr. Hanaor’s conception of new approaches for particle surface area characterisation by in-situ analysis of adsorption phenomena.  With a focus on understanding the micromechanics of granular materials, Dorian’s current research is investigating the evolution of hierarchical (fractal) microstructures and their effects on frictional behaviour and surface properties in particles and grains.

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