About Dr Anna Boucher

Research interests include: Comparative Politics, Public Policy, Australian Politics, Immigration policy and politics, Welfare state policy, Gender and politics Population politics, Ethnic relations, Human Rights Public Law, Research Methods, Australian, Canadian and German politics

Anna Boucher’s key research interests are in the areas of public policy, with a particular focus on immigration, gender and welfare state concerns. Her work considers these issues from both an Australian and comparative perspective, with a political science and legal focus. Anna is an active researcher in the immigration field, having co-founded the Migration Studies Unit at the London School of Economics (LSE). She is an ongoing Research Fellow of the Unit and a member of Cities research network at the University of Sydney. Her book Gender Migration and the Global Race for Talent analyses skilled immigration policies globally from a gender perspective. Her second book (in progress), Crossroads of Migration: A Global Approach to Policy Differences (with Justin Gest, Harvard) compares immigration regimes across 61 OECD and non-OECD countries. She holds degrees in law and political science. Prior to coming to Sydney University, she was an Australian Commonwealth Scholar and Zeit Bucerius Scholar in Migration Studies at the LSE.

Selected publications

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