About Dr Ryan Griffiths

Research interests include: Secession; Nationalism; International Relations Theory; The Rise of China; Research Methods.

Dr Ryan Griffiths’ research focuses on three loosely related areas. The first examines the dynamics of secession with a particular emphasis on the international and domestic causes of secessionist conflict over time. The second research area investigates the organization of the international system, with a specific interest in sovereignty and different types of political order, historically and in the future. The third research area looks at the rise of China, with a general interest in theories of power transition and a more focused attention to the question of whether China will seek to accept, overturn, or modify existing international norms. Before joining the department, Griffiths was a Visiting Assistant Professor with the Department of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University. In 2010 he completed his Ph.D. in Political Science at Columbia University.

Selected publications

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