About Dr Bandana Saini

Dr Saini’s main interest is in exploring and validating the role of pharmacists and the pharmacy profession in respiratory health.

A high prevalence of asthma in Australia necessitates provision of accurate information to those with chronic respiratory illnesses and their carers. Dr Saini’s doctoral research tested the first pharmacy led disease state management program for asthma. The current Pharmacy Asthma Service is a national implementation of this original research which is being led through a Respiratory Research team at the Faculty. Dr Saini has been conducting coordinated research on a wide range of pharmacist led asthma interventions for people with asthma for over a decade. She has also been involved in developing innovative models of teaching University students about asthma. These models have included successfully exploring and implementing inter-professional learning opportunities for asthma education by groups of Pharmacy, Medicine and Nursing students at the University. Another project is using a staged approach to investigate aspects of children’s asthma. A qualitative phase of the study will involve interviewing parents and carers of children with asthma to explore their perceptions and actual use of asthma medications. The results of this phase will be used to develop a quantitative questionnaire on children’s asthma medication use. This phase of the study will be conducted on a larger scale. The results of this project will be used to develop educational interventions targeted at consumers as well as health care practitioners to facilitate quality use of medicines in children with asthma.

A new project is currently testing the feasibility of the community pharmacy as a screening site for sleep disorders. Positive results from this study can be used to design a rigorous randomised controlled trial that can test the community pharmacist as a provider of screening tests for sleep disorders, as well as specialised sleep health services. As many patients visit their pharmacy for various reasons more frequently than other primary care sites, the use of this venue for health promotion and screening for sleep disorders has the potential of a cost effective mechanism to identify and treat patients at risk of sleep disorders.
Dr Saini is also developing projects to pioneer the exploration of the pharmacist’s role in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (screening) and Allergic Rhinitis (Self-Management Education).

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