About Associate Professor Lynne Chester

Lynne is recognised as a leading Australian scholar in the empirical application of French Regulation theory, a heterodox (non-conventional) school of economic thought inspired by Marxist and institutional economics.

Her research program, grounded in using the theoretical to develop methodological frameworks to analyse real world problems, traverses three research fields: applied economics, public policy and heterodox economics. The focus of her research ranges from the Australian electricity sector to energy markets, energy affordability, energy security, energy prices, and the economic-energy-environment relation to the contemporary institutions of capitalism (particularly Australia) that frame public policy responses to energy issues.

Current projects include:

  • The financialisation of electricity sectors (Australia and Europe).
  • Privatisation of the Australian electricity sector.
  • Contemporary industrial policies in a globalised and financialised world.
  • The drivers and barriers for household energy storage (with Professor Tony Vassallo and Dr Khalilpour, School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, University of Sydney).
  • Economic regulation and safety outcomes for energy pipelines (with A/Professor Jan Hayes, RMIT). 
  • Re-conceptualising an ‘institution’. 
  • The nature of heterodox economics.

Lynne previously taught at the University of New South Wales and immediately prior to her appointment in 2010 to the Department of Political Economy, University of Sydney, was a Senior Research Fellow at The John Curtin Institute of Public Policy, Curtin University. 

Lynne was an independent member of the Australian Federal Government’s 2011-12 Energy White Paper Reference Group, and is a former Board member for the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (2009-15) and the Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics (2011-14), and a former Chair of AGL’s Customer Council (2012-15). Prior to academia, Lynne worked as a consultant to the Asian Development Bank, as a senior executive with two of Australia’s largest utilities (the former Energy Australia and Sydney Water), as Chief of Staff to two Federal Government Ministers, and an economic adviser to the South Australian Premier. 

Selected publications

For a complete profile and list of publications go here.