About Professor Mike Michael

Research interests include: the relation of everyday life to technoscience, biotechnological and biomedical innovation and culture, the interface of the material and the social, the public understanding of/engagement with science, animals and society, process methodology.

Mike Michael is a sociologist of science and technology. Recent research projects have addressed the complexities of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis clinical trials (with Marsha Rosengarten), the interdisciplinary use of sociological and speculative design techniques to explore energy demand reduction (with Bill Gaver and Jennifer Gabrys), the ethics of stem cell research (with Claire Williams and Steve Wainwright), and the development of an ‘idiotic methodology'.

Research Supervision
Mike Michael has been involved in the successful supervision of nearly 30 PhDs. He welcomes PhD students interested in any of the following areas: publics, politics and science and technology; sociology of everyday life; biomedicine, biotechnology and culture; material cultures (including animals and society, environment and technology); process methodologies (including interdisciplinary modes of investigation).

Selected publications

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