About Dr Susan Park

Research interests include: International Relations; Constructivist theory, processes of socialisation and identity change; International Organisations and Global Governance; The World Bank Group and Regional Development Banks; International Economic Organisations (the IMF and the WTO); Non-Government Organisations; Environmental Advocacy; Global Environmental Politics

Susan is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations. She joined the department in 2008 after teaching at Deakin University for three years and previously at the University of New South Wales.

Dr Park's current research project examines the rise, spread and efficacy of accountability mechanisms that have been created by Multilateral Development Banks in order to redress the negative impacts of development projects on local communities.

Susan has consulted for the Asian Development Bank on improving outreach for their Accountability Mechanism.

Dr Park chaired the fifth Oceanic International Studies Conference which was hosted by the Department of Government and International Relations, July 18-20 2012. OCIS is a biennial event that is the largest conference on international relations and international studies in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2011 Susan was elected to the Executive Committee of the Environmental Studies Section of the International Studies Association. In 2009 Susan was Chair of the Harold and Margaret Sprout Award Committee for the best book on international and environmental problems. The award is given at the annual International Studies Association conference.

Susan is a member of the editorial board for the Australian Journal of International Affairs.

Dr Park is particularly interested in supervising research and doctoral dissertations on international organisation behaviour and change, specifically in relation to global and regional organisations.

Selected publications

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