About Dr Abelardo Pardo

My research is on creating personalized and adaptive systems to promote successful learners in educational environments.

Dr Abelardo Pardo is Associate Head of Teaching and Learning and Senior Lecturer at the School of Electrical and Information Engineering, The University of Sydney. He has a PhD in Computer Science by the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is the director of the Learning and Affect Technologies Engineering laboratory specialized in the design of adaptive and personalized software systems for learning. His areas of research are learning analytics, tools for collaboration and personalized learning processes, and systems to improve teaching practice and student outcomes. He has participated in national and international projects funded by the Office for Teaching and Learning (Australia), National Science Foundation (USA), and the European Union. He serves as member of the editorial boards of the IEEE Transactions on Learning Technology and the Journal of Social Media and Interactive Learning Environments, and as associate editor of the Journal of Learning Analytics.

Dr Pardo has participated in various international research projects in which software technology is used to improve learning and teaching practice. In the area of behavioural analytics, he has developed a sampling application that offers a comprehensive set of events of how students participate in activities part of a learning experience. Visualisations have been also part of the research activities in which intuitive representations of data collected for individuals and communities are relayed back for self-reflection. The area of computer supported collaboration has also been explored in various research projects. Technology now offers an efficient way to observe, report and suggest improvements in work -related tasks which leads to the possibility of highly personalised and adaptive learning experiences.

Selected publications

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