About Dr Milena Simic

Dr Simic is passionate about developing novel methods of preventing and treating knee osteoarthritis. This includes research involving exercise, biomechanics, e-health, and behaviour change.

Dr Simic is a senior lecturer in Physiotherapy and Director of the Sydney Performance Laboratory. She has expertise in the conduct of cohort studies, biomechanical evaluations, intervention studies, clinical trials, systematic reviews and meta-analyses for musculoskeletal conditions. Currently, she is investigating medication use in people with knee osteoarthritis, and developing interventions aimed at reducing their harmful use. She works on physiotherapy interventions involving exercise, physical activity, cognitive behavioural therapy, and delivery through e-health platforms. In the biomechanics field, she is working on the development of clinical evaluations, gait retraining strategies to offload the knee joint, and validation of wearable sensors.

Dr Simic has attracted over $1.9 million of funding from agencies including:  NHMRC, Medibank Health Research Fund, Dementia Collaborative Research Centres and The University of Sydney.  She is a CIB on a recently funded NHMRC project (A$1.5M) which will translate evidence and knowledge in management of top three musculoskeletal health conditions, of which she leads the knee osteoarthritis management.  She is currently working on multiple large randomised controlled trials evaluating non-invasive interventions for people with musculoskeletal disorders.

Selected publications

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