About Professor Brendan Kennedy

Non-stoichiometric oxides are ideal for identifying, at an atomic level, how things work. The key is establishing the precise and accurate structure of the oxide so to deduce the relationship between the structure of a material and its physical, electronic and magnetic properties.

Solid State Chemistry allows us to tune the properties of materials to maximise their impact. My main research expertise is in crystallography with an emphasis on establishing in structure-property relationships in metal oxides, and to this end we make extensive use of major synchrotron and neutron facilities, both in Australia and overseas.

The investigator has a strong track record in the solid state chemistry of inorganic crystalline materials from their synthesis to detailed characterisation via a range of leading edge characterisation techniques.  My research group has exceptional capability for synthesis of various inorganic oxide compounds via a solid state reaction, Sol-gel process and hydrothermal reaction and we have an extensive suite of facilities for materials synthesis including furnaces operating with different atmospheres at temperatures of up to 1800oC and ball milling.   We have great in-house capability including modern X-ray diffractometers, and physical property measurement systems.

Recently we have extended our efforts to use X-ray spectroscopy with both hard and soft X-rays to probe the local chemical coordination of pyrochlores.   We work closely with groups in Australia, the UK and Japan.

Prof Brendan Kennedy is a researcher at the School of Chemistry
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