About Dr Ben Thornber

I’m interested in developing cutting edge Computational Fluid Dynamics approaches to solve challenging and complex aerodynamics and fluid mechanics problems in industry and research. Aerodynamics, aeronautical, aerospace, space, aircraft

My specialisation is in the development of massively parallel computational fluid dynamics methods capable of simulating high Reynolds number compressible flows in complex geometries including additional physical effects.

The research capabilities within my group have enabled us to address the challenges of modelling the mechanics of complex flows. Ongoing research includes turbulent flow fields where there is the additional complexity of resolving multiple species or materials (mixing), complex realistic geometry (e.g. full ship configurations, urban flows, ground vehicles), complex equations of state (attitude/orbital control thrusters), chemical reactions (subgrid model development), hypersonics (SCRAMJET, shock/boundary layer interactions), computational aero-acoustics (cavities, weapons bays) and numerical methods design. These fields have led to over twenty international journal publications, and industrial collaborations with companies such as Jaguar Land-Rover, Ricardo, EADS, ESA, ARA, AWE, ITER, AMPAC-ISP, Bluebear, Reaction Engines Ltd, Red Bull Technology, Williams F1 and MBDA.

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