About Professor Stephen Huang

It is beneath the skin where the story unfolds. Look inside the very sick patients with ultrasound, the true state of the patients you will find.

Intensive care involves managing the very sick unstable patients. Just 15 years ago, while many critical care physicians were still performing invasive procedures and struggling with the diagnoses, only a few would have foreseen the power of ultrasound in critical care medicine. Today, nearly all intensive care units and emergency departments have an ultrasound machine or have access to one. The introduction of ultrasound has transformed the clinical practice in critical care medicine. Haemodynamics and cardiac function are two of the areas where ultrasound has proven to be most useful, but at the same time challenging. With new and superior ultrasound technology emerging, the face of critical care ultrasound is also evolving. Critical care ultrasound research is needed to translate these technology and knowledge into clinical practice.

Associate Professor Stephen Huang established an internationally recognised reputation in critical care ultrasound. He is an Associate Professor and a Principal Research Fellow of the Discipline of Intensive Care Medicine, Nepean Clinical School. He received his PhD from University of Hong Kong in 1990, and worked at the Chinese University Medical School as a lecture until 1995 after which he migrated to Australia. Since then, he obtained further professional qualifications, including sonography and biostatistics. He is also a lawyer of the Supreme Court of NSW. He is the Director of the Nepean Institute of Critical Care Education and Research, and also served in the Curriculum Board (CCPU) at the Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine.

He has a wide range of research experience, and is interested in critical care research. More specifically, his works examine the use of ultrasound in assessing the cardiac function and haemodynamics of critically ill patients.

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Selected publications

For a full list of Associate Professor Huang's publications please see his Sydney Medical School academic profile page: link here