About Professor Stuart Grieve

Stuart Michael Grieve (SMG) is a clinician/scientist with a career focus on applying non-invasive imaging in healthcare and achieving fundamental advances in basic imaging science such as new imaging or image processing technologies.

He is the Parker Hughes Professor of Radiology at the University of Sydney (USYD) and also a radiologist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPAH). He was primarily a neuroimaging researcher until 2013, when he switched to a focus on both, cardiovascular and brain. His laboratory is at the Charles Perkins Centre (USYD) where his team pursues a research program that extends from basic imaging science, post-processing, basic physiology of the cardiovascular system and brain to clinical translational studies that aim to directly alter practice. The major focus of his research is the quantitative analysis imaging data, especially direct measures of neurological, blood flow and myocardial function using MRI. There is a large bias in his work toward imaging methods that are amenable to computational methods, as well as to the use of computational simulations that are informed by real data.

SMG completed a BSc (Hons I) at the USYD in 1996 in Biochemistry, followed by DPhil in Magnetic Resonance Imaging at Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship from 1996-2000. He then undertook two post-doctoral fellowships at Oxford in high-field NMR (Prof Tony Watts) and high-field cardiac MRI (Prof Kieran Clarke) before returning to Australia to continue his research and to undertake clinical training. He completed an MBBS(Hons) in 2006, then residency and Radiology Specialist training at RPAH between 2007-2012. SMG is a leader of basic and translational imaging research across the USYD, the Australian imaging community as well as overseas. He has a Citation Index of 34, 3800 citations and 115 papers.

Selected publications

To see a full list of Associate Professor Grieve's publications please see his Sydney Medical School academic profile page: link here